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Here’s what one of our customer is saying about XYZ boat anchor

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Hi Drago,

I am still using your excellent XYZ anchor. My first seasons experience with your anchor was used in the North Channel, Georgian Bay, Lake St. Clair, and various inland lakes. The XYZ set and held in every instance and I was able to retrieve it without any additional difficulties. Due to health reasons I couldn’t get out on the water last summer, but I did recommend your anchor to some Gemini Catamaran cruisers I met in Annapolis last fall. They were commenting on the Bruce and Delta anchors and some of their shortcomings and I suggested they look-up the XYZ as I’d had nothing but success with it. I hope they followed through and bought one or more. I would be happy to give a recommendation to anyone else. Nothing is as comforting as knowing you’re not dragging anchor and you can have a good nights sleep. With safety a paramount concern a good anchor is virtually priceless.

I hope the economy turns around soon and I hope that you might find comfort knowing you have a good product.