January 2008 Boat Anchor Test – Practical Sailor Magazine

October 20th, 2009

“The Extreme anchors performed well at the new site, reaffirming the design’s efficiency in terms of performance” “It set easily both times and earned an Excellent set rating” “These anchors offer surprising holding power in a light package” – “performed superbly in softer mud” “these anchors are obviously very effective in soft bottoms” “steady at both scope settings and receiving two Excellent ratings for setting”.

April 2006: XYZ Boat Anchor excedes tough competition

October 20th, 2009

XYZ Boat Anchor has been declared the winner of Practical Sailor and Powerboat Magazines anchor tests of April 2006: “light weight and superior performance in the soft mud bottom earned the XYZ anchor a top pick”.

Practical Sailor stated that, “The only anchor that performed at that level was XYZ. We awarded it a top pick based on its performance”, and XYZ Boat Anchor earned this review due to the impeccable and highest standard performance it reached during tests.

XYZ Boat Anchor proved it will not break out, even when overpowered. Competitors were Delta, Bruce, Spade, Bulwagga, CQR and all other best marine anchors in the world.

“Excellent” and “set hard and buried immediately” describes XYZ, in an article you can read here.